Thursday, September 25, 2008

Learning and Performance Conference

With the Group's recent discussions about employee management and retention, this upcoming November 04 program in Syracuse may be of interest. The program is being hosted by Liberty Resources Workforce Solutions, and includes subject matter experts who will engage, inform and inspire you with the latest research impacting effective workplace learning and performance today. Click here for more information. Do you think there is an interest for this type of program?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dealing with Nonprofit Negativity in the Blogosphere?

Our recent media program raised a number of issues, and is generating some great questions. Here is a recent question from an executive director about a recent online discovery:

Last night during a google search I discovered a blog that has some erroneous and damaging opinions about our organization.
At our recent media panel event, we briefly discussed the media responses to stories in this format in the newspaper and TV, but we did not really get into the whole area of the blogosphere and non-profits.

Do you know whether other non-profits pay any attention to blogs where wrong perceptions and bad information is placed out there by people who don't bother to check their facts? Is it just best to ignore these things and not give them the light of day with a response? I guess if I can find them in a random google search, others can too, and some of the items expressed in those blogs are defamatory to our organization.

This is a great question, and an issue that anyone should be aware of as you explore the blogging world or plan to launch your own agency blog. We would like to offer the following advice: 1)Set up Google Alerts to help you track news and blog posts about your organization; 2)Recognize that any coverage, positive and negative, is a good thing (and an opportunity); and 3) Don't reinvent the wheel, so we offer the following advice from two good resources out there in the Web 2.0 world:

Rohit Bhargava responds to this issue in his Influential Marketing Blog. He offers 5 steps on how to respond to a "blog crisis." There are also some additional suggestions listed in the blog comments section.

Beth Kanter's blog features two blog posts on dealing with critcism and negativity, as well as moderating, in the blogosphere. Get her insight and suggestions:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Media Panel Spurs Understanding and Future Ideas

The Oneida and Herkimer Nonprofit Directors Group's September 10th program meeting, generously hosted by Amy Turner and the Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency, was attended by over 30 participants and featured:

  • Anchor and News Host Jeff Monaski from WIBX 950, The Mohawk Valley's Big Talker
  • Assistant News Director David Dellecese from WKTV, the Utica-Rome area’s NBC affiliate station
  • Managing Editor Mike Kilian and Metro Editor Michelle Robison from The Observer-Dispatch

The discussion was moderated by Rev. Bill Dodge of the Rescue Mission and focused on the previously posted questions. An engaging discussion followed, ranging from how to get better media coverage to the connection (if any) between advertising and media coverage. Our panelists responded in an open and honest manner to questions, which was greatly appreciated. The panel also discussed the value of the ED Group and agreed that a connecting point to the local nonprofit executive directors is a great development and will be helpful for their news organizations. As WKTV's David Dellecese discussed at the end of the program, nonprofits are experts that can be called upon by the media to add supporting information and clarify details for news stories. Nonprofits are invaluable sources for the media, and we look forward to working more closely together, serving our communities, each in our own passionate ways.

What did you take away from the media program? We invite you to post and share your feedback. If you were unable to attend the program, a mp3 recording and two video clips are provided here.'>Listen to the mp3 here.

Watch the panel respond to the question: What does the media think about a nonprofit executive directors group?

Watch the panel respond to the question: What is the best way to get the media to present a balanced picture of nonprofits, especially when there is one that has drawn negative press coverage?